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Bespoke Monogrammed Mules

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Sim Sırma, a revered hand embroidery technique originating from Turkey's Kahramanmaraş region, has adorned opulent Ottoman kaftans with its intricate beauty. This ancient craft involves the delicate application of silver or golden threads onto luxurious fabrics, creating shimmering patterns that exude regal elegance. By incorporating Sim Sırma embroidery into our personalized mules, we pay tribute to the heritage of Ottoman craftsmanship and offer you the opportunity to embrace a touch of royal splendor in your everyday style.
With their timeless appeal, impeccable craftsmanship, and personalised touch, these mules will make an unforgettable gift for yourself or a loved one.

At checkout, please provide us the initials you would like us to hand embroider onto your Bespoke Monogrammed Mules.

- Point-toe flat mules
- Hand-embroidery
- Leather lining
- Leather insole and sole
- Composition: Velvet fabric
- Suitable for both inside and outside use
- Made in Anatolia

Bespoke Monogrammed Mules
Bespoke Monogrammed Mules Sale priceQAR 2.566,00