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Article: Sergen Sehitoglu's Captivating Window Display for AnatolianCraft

Sergen Sehitoglu's Captivating Window Display for AnatolianCraft - AnatolianCraft

Sergen Sehitoglu's Captivating Window Display for AnatolianCraft

From the moment you set eyes on the AnatolianCraft showroom's window display, you are transported into a world where art and fashion harmoniously coexist. Sergen Sehitoglu's design pays homage to the renowned Swiss textile artist Elsi Giauque (1900), drawing inspiration from her remarkable works and intertwining them with the essence of AnatolianCraft. By incorporating textiles and embroidery, the display creates a visual feast, showcasing both two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures. Metal frameworks in various shapes, such as squares and cubes, provide a contemporary twist to traditional materials and craftsmanship, capturing the essence of our brand.

Sergen's window display design goes beyond mere aesthetics. It serves as a storytelling platform, showcasing not only AnatolianCraft's patterns, fabrics, and colors but also the influence we draw from and exert on our surroundings. The strategic placement of the display allows natural light to filter through, enhancing the visual experience and creating an ethereal ambiance that entices visitors to explore further.

Come and experience the enchantment of Sergen Sehitoglu's window display at AnatolianCraft's showroom in Kosuyolu, Istanbul. Let yourself be captivated by the artistry, the fusion of heritage and modernity, and the evocative storytelling. Step into a world where the beauty of Anatolian craftsmanship unfolds before your eyes, and where art and fashion coexist in perfect harmony.

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